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Creating Paper Crafts

My name is Lynda Jeffsowner/designer of Memories in Tyme! Throughout the years I have made a lot of one of a kind handmade items for my friends and family to enjoy! After getting a lot of compliments, Memories was started! Not only will you get to learn how to create here, but you will also be able to purchase your own designs as well! Check out my “shop” page to get started designing your own one of a kind handmade creations!

As for the “learning how”, this is still a work in progress, and hopefully ready to go in 2021! If you have any thoughts or questions – message me with a good time to talk, and in-between time go check out my “about” page to learn more about Memories and I, I’m sure you will learn some interesting things LOL!

Lynda Jeffs, Owner – Memories in Tyme