Easy card idea

Very easy card idea, using a saying stamp, scraps of paper, a punch, and a brad to complete the look! This card does not take a lot of time to finish up, and you can change the look by using a variety of different colors and sayings, depending on what papers you use.

As you look through your scraps, look at what you have right now. I will say it repeatedly, as you are creating a layout do a quick card as well! Keep a stash of cards you have made in the themes you would most likely use each month. Take a look at what you are going to need in the next few months, so when you have a bit of time, you can take the time to make a few cards instead of rushing when you don’t have the time! Cards might take 5 minutes to make, or more depending on the technique you use.

Added to my basic toolbox for scrapbooking, you will want to get a black inkpad, and another color or two, I use white more than any other color, except a black inkpad! You also want to start to look for basic stamps that have many different sayings in the kit. This makes your purchase a lot more cost effective.
For inkpads, you will want something such as this:
This set gives you 9 different inkpads, in 2 of the colors I would suggest anyway! If you are going to spend $10.00 or so on 2 different inkpads, then getting 8 more, in basic colors is much more of a cost savings than getting 2 pads for half the money!

Look at this saying set:
Saying set

This set will give you ten different sayings to use for different cards, which makes it very economical for you in the long run. 

For this card, here are the directions:
Step one: Start to look at your scraps, to figure out what colors you need to use. In this card, I used a basic saying with a white inkpad.

Step two: To create the middle border across the middle of the page, cut the first color 1.5”, with the next two colors gradually increased from there.

Step three: Create a middle square with another 1.5” square, again creating the gradual look as you did the border.

Step four: Place a punched piece in the middle of the square to finish the look.

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