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Birthdays are events that come once a year for each of us. Whatever you choose to do for your friends and family for their birthdays, making a handmade card for them is not only fun, but also nice for the person to receive.   One of my resolutions this year, is to make sure everyone that is special to me, receives a handmade card from me for their birthday.   That means, I need to make sure I am working hard to accomplish that by making sure I am organized each month.  

In the past few days, I started giving you ways to keep track of special events.  I have other ideas that I am sharing with you in the next few days, so make sure to check often for fun ideas this week on anniversary card ideas, as well as other ways to organize the dates in your life!  If you are like me, you can tweak my original idea and create something of your own!  Have fun with it, and make sure you share with me what YOU decide to do!  Working on another post for yet another idea, using recycled file folders, and other idea for a way to keep track of dates to hang on your fridge that I am working on now!  I just bought some fun paper at Michaels the other day, so I want to play with a few ideas!  

Birthday cards can be fun to make when you are creating a layout, or customized to the person you are giving the card to.  I bought a Sizzix machine, with a few die cuts that I can use with a bit of everything, a present can be used for a birthday, or for a specific holiday such as Christmas…so for me, I use that one quite a bit!  The balloon die cut is also used a lot, for birthdays and babies!    In this example, I used a simple Happy Birthday stamp in blue, with navy floss for the strings on the balloons.  The presents were done in 2 different colors and then interchanged to create the look.   This same look can also be used through out the whole layout for the birthday event, as well as a framed page for you to hang on the wall!   

With this card, I totally loved the colors of the papers, in which you will find in a few projects I have worked on, and will be showing you in the next few weeks!    When I first got the kit, I was attracted to the papers in it, more than the embellishments!  The embellishments will be used, I am sure, in other projects….or given to someone who could use them!  You will notice the presents are a bit different…in colors that match the background paper as well as the base of the card.  I used a simple bow at the top, with a button to match…a Happy Birthday stamp in black at the top with the presents at the bottom of the card.  Again, this same look can be used on the layout and even a framed page to match, or create a pocket page in the layout to keep the cards that were sent to you for that year!  

Scraps are an excellent way to make cards that can be personalized to someone, or just as a way to save money.  I save all of my scraps from my layouts that I make, and then, before I put the scraps away, decide if I can use them with anything else such as cards, or 6 x 6 layouts.  After that, I put the rest in large Ziploc bags for use later on.  This helps save a ton of money on what I make!   I hope you enjoy the next few posts, that will help to focus on organizing the dates you have…and please share with me the links to your posts, or send me photos for me to post later on!  If you do make something, please give me credit on your blog should you share the idea!  My ideas are all original…so I appreciate the credit when credit is due!  

Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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