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I decided this past year that I was going to get more done…this post is more designed for ME than you, but I hope it also helps you too!  The past month, I have gotten birthday cards done, my intentions album done, and half-way done with a few other projects…which is way more than I have gotten done before now!  (Hey, at least I know it is working for me…)  Plus this year I just wanted to concentrate on other things!!! 
Speaking of getting things done – you can check out my Creative Paperclay Design Team post, with a video to help you get started!  You probably already have most of the supplies needed to create your own!  The best part about it – you can see the whole process being done in the video, versus reading directions you can’t understand!   
I am technology challenged…learning more and more what those “apps” can do if you find the right one’s!!!  I also have a personal side to me, and a business side to me…and I don’t want all of my “to-do’s” included in the same list!  This is my personal to do list:

  1. Start Christmas paper bag album
  2. Create more birthday cards for personal stash
  3. Valentines Day projects both to mail and for home
  4. Project Life 2016 album started
  5. Journals to mail
  6. 2015 Year in Review album
  7. 2 framed pages to mail

So, grab your favorite way to organize yourself – and if that means good ole’ paper and pen and a calendar, lets get to work on what needs to be done in the next few months!  

  • Check your calendar for anything you might have going on – birthday’s, anniversaries, parties, holiday’s, special events – until the end of February.
  • Now check your calendar for anything else until the end of April – what types of events do you have going on that needs to be addressed?  
  • Last – check your calendar until the end of June in through July, what things do you have going on that needs to be addressed?

I have a whole other list of creative things that need to get done, but finally things are getting done!  I hope you join me in getting things done ON TIME this year!  

Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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