Working Through the Non-Creative Times

I’m not sure about you all, but as for me – I go in spurts when it comes to creating!  There are just times in my life that I just can’t create, no matter what I do!  Either something is stressing me out – or the creativity just isn’t there!  I also create best when I am on a time limit – or when the inspiration hits me,  which is often times not the most opportune time, let me tell you!!!  So, what do YOU do at times like this – when it is harder to create than at other times?  I came up with a few ideas to help get out of the creative rut and more done! 

  • Check out some magazines or books you have for inspiration.  I get you probably have different things you already want to make, but go with a fresh eye this time… look for HOW they did something – versus the supplies they used.
  • Learn a new technique that you have been wanting to try out.   
  • If you have the budget – purchase a few new supplies!  Find things that are on sale that you will USE…  Try not to purchase things that you like – but don’t have a use for.
  • Check out your Pinterest pages -what do you have already pinned that you want to create AND have the supplies for?  
  • Write things down when you DO have inspiration – it really does make things so much easier when you have the time to create, already having things in one place ready to go!  
  • Check out your favorite manufacturers’ websites and blogs for even more inspiration!  Keep links or notes of things you need to purchase or create!
  • Find inspiration in something you have already created, such as the Intentions album above that I recreated!!!
  • Have a schedule to get more done!  Don’t just rely on your memory – use a planner, or your phone or SOMETHING – but keep a list of what needs to be done handy!

This year – the calendar is helping me!  And making things for people who truly appreciate things – is another added bonus, that is for sure!  It makes what I have created that much more special – as I know they are loved, and enjoyed – and not just thrown under the stairs because you are too embarrassed to show them to people.  So, here’s to getting more done this year!  

Lynda Jeffs

                                             Memories in Tyme



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