Womens History Month – 2016 Week One

Last year, I started working on an album for Women’s History Month – including women that have influenced my life in a significant way!  The album – like a lot of things I do, ended up being put aside…until now!  This month – pulled out to get finished up with more remarkable women added to the list!  You can check out the posts from last year here:  

We all have women in our history’s – that have shaped us into the women we are today!  People like Lisa Bearnson who changed my life in more ways – she really has no idea just how much she affected me, she is week one.  My daughter Terra – who really just made it so I stayed alive, and changed the way I was doing things, she is week two!  People like my friends Penny, Barb and Katie…in week 3!  And 2 women who don’t deserve names – but man have shaped me to that biatch I am today – A and B listed in week 4!  For me – it is the good, the bad and the ugly that I am documenting!  

This is my mom and my older sister – the one who was 11 when mom found out she had cervical cancer.  She had to have a hysterectomy – and was one of the first set of people to receive Chemo and Radiation Therapy to save her life.  While she was dealing with that – Deb stepped in and did what she could at 11 – and helped to raise me.  Debbie and I have had our problems in life, just like all siblings…   Yet – on the other hand…she is the one who came out to Colorado with a friend of hers so that we could stamp and shop…  She is the one who got me totally in to scrapbooking…  She is the one who would take me to the Scrapbook Expo’s in Utah to go shopping – and the one who would take me to breakfast!  She is the one who brought me groceries because I had NO money to feed my kids…  She is the one who helped get Ryan to sleep when he was a little baby – because her “bumpies” (boob’s) were bigger than mine!  She is the one who told me when I told her that I didn’t know where I came from – how much I was like BOTH of our parents…  They came out to see me this past summer – and then on to Sacramento to see my kids!  I can’t wait to get this page done with all of the reasons I look up to these remarkable women!
Challenges for the week:  

  1. Decide how you are going to do this years projects – are you going to simply keep adding to last years album, start a new project, or beginning a whole new album?
  2. Shop at home first for the supplies you will use for this project instead of spending money!  Get your supplies together and in one place!  
  3. What photos do you have right now you can add to the album?  Get copies of the photos you need!
  4. Get to work on your front cover, and thinking more about the way the rest of the album will look. 

I hope you enjoy the challenges for the week – and get to work on your own album documenting the women in YOUR life!!!  I am actually excited to get started on mine, I probably won’t stop even at the end of this month!!  I hope to share a few pages that get done – throughout the month too!       

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 


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