Being Grateful

Today is Thanksgiving if you live in the states, where you spend time with friends or family (both???) eating a ton of food for sure!  It’s all about togetherness, love, putting differences aside, and simply being grateful for one day at least!  As I sit down today, reflecting on my past…and what is in store for my future, I simply am amazed!
Reflections…, so much to actually be thankful for, so much growing, so much learning – so many doors shut finally!!!  I am excited for what is next – what I have worked towards, and how I simply won’t settle for less anymore!  Along with that – Memories in Tyme is changing a bit…with more goals to bring out the things I want to – and putting to rest that in which I can’t simply do right now, and the wisdom to know the difference!  Life is about moving forward – learning – GROWING!!!  
Today, while you are with friends and family – take a small notebook and pen with you – jot down the funny things that are said, or the profound things that are said – who was there, who called while you were there…all those fun things that made today – TODAY!  

  • Find 10 things you are grateful for, and do a project with it – either a mini album or a layout!  
  • Do a project about the day you had and how you spent it, documenting all the fun things you did!
  • Do a project about the food you love to eat during the holiday, especially journal about those things you have only at this one time of year!!!  
  • Do a project about when you were a child – the traditions and things that you experienced!
I hope you enjoy your day,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme



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