Happy Anniversary and A Challenge

My dad died on 8/5/2004 – 3 days after my birthday, 5 years to the day after my ex-husband committed suicide!  I hate the day – I hate the week – I hate the month…and I simply will never be the same again because of this one set of events!  I miss my dad – more than I ever thought I would, I am more like him than I thought I was, and yet – after a random conversation today with my mom – I realize I am like her in ways as well!  
It would have been my parents’ anniversary today – I called to wish my mom a great day, and simply wished my dad one through the angels!  I thought about growing up – and how lucky I was to have both parents in the same house, let alone living in the same house my whole life never having to move!  I thought about going out to dinner on their special day, always something nice!  I thought about never hearing my mom and dad argue at ALL – in the 50 some-odd years they were together!  I learned love – and once I found TRUE LOVE – my dad could go!   
In celebration of their special day – a bit of a challenge for you:

  • Since my mom’s favorite color is blue – do ANYTHING using blue as the main color!
  • Make an anniversary card (or more than one) to give to someone special in your life!  
  • Create a mini album with pictures and journaling of you and your significant other showcasing the love between you!
  • Add a framed page of one of your favorite photos of your parents (or you and your spouse) for your wall!
  • Do a project with flowers in it!  Doesn’t matter what it is – just use flowers somehow!  

If your parents are still around, enjoy them, spend time with them – LOVE THEM!  I hope you make fun projects with the challenges from here!  I hope you share with me what YOU end up creating!

Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme


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