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A few weeks ago, I had a post up about Tiny Prints, you can see the original post here if you missed it!  I love having fun coffee cups around and have quite a few of them already!!!  I decided to order my husband a personalized one from Tiny Prints, and I am glad I did!  He had gotten his first “fun” mug from my daughter, then the handle broke around the time I was looking at the site!  I decided to order him one that was really personalized to him, and one that he simply would LOVE!!!  

Ty is our mama cat – she has been around us since she was born!  She is simply a feisty woman who has her own personality (and my husband wrapped)!  She has only had one set of kittens – our boys Hank and Bear!  When I seen the various mugs from Tiny Prints – I simply had to order one customized for my husband, especially when I seen THIS mug!!!  Tiny Prints let me know from the time it was started until it was in the mail to me exactly where the process was, as well as the tracking number when it was shipped!  Three of my favorite pictures of our fur babies, created into a priceless mug, something I couldn’t have done myself!  I wish I would have taken pictures of him when he opened it up!   

I loved how easy it was to create this one of a kind mug!  And – if it ever breaks, I can simply re-order another one!  Tiny Prints really helped to create a perfect one of a kind present for my husband, and for that – I am really appreciative!  This won’t be the last, I am sure of it!  Thanks Tiny Prints!!! 
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