Happy Birthday Casey and a Challenge

Today is my “babies” birthday – 24 years old!!!  Casey and his sister – are 2 of those things I did right in life…in spite of everything I did wrong!  He taught me how to laugh, how to live again – he taught me that God really does have a sense of humor… and if he would have been my first – he would have been my ONLY child!!!  LOL

I remember going into labor on Christmas night – spending all night in the hospital – had an amnio the very next morning to see if his lungs were okay…  I had already had one with lung problems, and we knew he was going to be born early…so they gave me steroid shots to make sure they got developed okay!  Born 6 weeks early……he’s a fighter for sure!!!

Born the day after Christmas – my sister 4 days before…  She told me when I had him not to include his Christmas presents with his birthdays – and never to wrap his birthday in Christmas wrap!!!!  He gets everything one time of the year – and nothing the rest of it!!!  LOL  

This week – do something for an upcoming birthday, make a layout, a card, or a gift for someone’s birthday coming up!  Make a few birthday cards to give to someone on their birthday, or to just give out when you find out someone has a birthday!  Get all the birthday cards you need to get done for the next few month – DONE!!!!!  

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Lynda Jeffs
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