Organizing My Life – Part One

I am a very unorganized person – and procrastinate with the best of them!!!  When I have a project to do – I wait until the very last minute to get it done, we won’t even talk about mailing things out!  That said – I am hoping some of the little things I am doing right now – will help me to get more done, and remember more details! 

  • A username/password book to keep all of my details for the web sites I like to go to! (Done – pic’s attached here)
  • Finish up my planner pages, especially the little details, such as the paper clips and stamping on the pages!
  • Monthly dividers to keep track of all aspects of bills and payments, as well as other “house” related details that won’t fit in my “planner”!  
  • An event planner book – to help keep track of things I need to get done for things like birthdays, holiday’s, anniversaries!!! 

I am an organized – unorganized mess, but with these little projects in the works, I will be organized with everything in it’s place in no time!  Next up – fun organizational products I just stumbled across, that can be customized to your very needs!  I love to create, and I love for my space to be organized – and my life to be organized as well!
The project above – small composition notebooks, scraps of paper from other projects, and embellishments from my stash!  I used my Cricut machine for the alphabet letters!  Easy place to put my passwords for the places I love to go!!!!  Each week I will be making something that will help me get organized – or organizing my space into what I need…join me!   

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Lynda Jeffs
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