Organizing Your Space – Part Two

I am having a fun time in planning my creative and work space, and picking out fun products that will help me to be organized better!!!  Plus the rest of the things I am in the process of making and planning that is certain to help – I almost can’t wait for the beginning of the year with all the progress I am doing now – to see what my space will end up looking like by the time I am done!!  
I have my passwords book done – ready to add the little things I need to save, such as passwords, web sites – things like that!  I have my planner done – but working out the little details such as the pages and the paper clips is still going on!  And I am working on my month to month pages that will help with getting more paid off, a budget – and more accomplished!  I really can’t wait to see what all I end up creating and buying to organize myself!!!!
I recently stumbled across Thirty One Gifts, which has organizing products and purses!!!  They have a ton of different products that can be customized to your space, and to your budget – I am simply in LOVE!!!!  You have until 12/12/16 to order in time for Christmas – so make sure you get your order in quickly!  I can’t wait to get my order placed – just in time for getting my organizing space ready at the beginning of the year!!!!  
Things you can work on – 

  • If your space needs a bit of a freshener, look at making your own boxes – and pair them with fun organizing products from my store!!!  
  • Make a list of what you need to make or purchase in order to organize your own space!  
  • Go through your things and keep only what you are going to use…  If you have a use for it, plan to organize it – and put like things with other “like” things!  

I can’t wait to see how much money I end up spending, and what I end up recycling!!!  I have a table top, and need to get a book case – I figured I could get 2 of them, and then put the table on top of them, so I can put my books – and some of my supplies on the shelves!  I also want a wardrobe that I can add shelves to, and put the rest of my stuff in there – organized in my bins and boxes!!!  My budget right now is $500 – spent over the next 5 months!!!!  First up – my table!!  Let me know if you need my help to personalize your own space!!!  We can set up a free consultation so we can get things rolling!!!!  

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