Scrapbooking The Hard Times –

Scrapbooking through the hard times – I’m not sure if you have thought about it or not…  I used it for therapy when I really needed it the most, and as I look back – it really helped me when nobody else could or “would” shall we say!  In the last 4 months – I have lost 3 very special people in my life – my cousin who was just younger than I am (by 3 months), my namesake (she was 100 years old), and my father in law (recently and unexpected)!  Unexpected deaths – it makes you think twice about life, and yet sometimes it helps you see the forest through the trees and exactly what is more important in life!  


I learned this time – how to be a support system to someone – who simply didn’t know what to do or how to feel for the moment!  I discovered it’s not always about you, but instead what you can do to simply change things…be there…help!  I really found out what it is like to look at someone and judge them based on who they are, not what others’ say about them or experienced!   I learned for the first time in a long time, to simply let go!

Not everything is going to go smooth in life…..  I know one thing, I’m glad I had this to help me through my journey!!!  Here are some tips to get you started in your own journey in scrapbooking through the hard times:

  • Look for questions you want to tackle, and start to write them down!  Grab a notebook so you can keep track of things you want to journal!  
  • Not every project needs to have a bunch of pictures, sometimes you can use more  generic pictures that you can add journaling to the pages along with it!
  • Mini albums are wonderful to create – using fewer supplies and embellishments, less photos and more journaling to write things out more…  A picture says a thousand words or so they say – let your pictures start to tell the story!
  • Hidden journaling, tags, accordions – can make wonderful places to put journaling you don’t want the world to see!
  • Do a Project Life album – being able to keep track of the little things during the journey along the way!  

Life is about the ups and the downs – the good and the bad!  Working on my ancestry, I think simply about what I would want to know about them – and try to ask those type of questions!  Simply document the ride – you will truly be glad you did!  

Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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