Saving Money and Organizing Creative Spaces

The past little while I have been going through my creative stuff – and re-organizing everything I own creative wise!  I am purchasing little key things that will ultimately help me with my entire space down the line, and making my space better to not only create more, but just get more done (while looking much better)!  A few more pieces – and my space will be complete for now!  

Some of the things I am doing that to start with:

  1. Shipping boxes turned in to storage, check out this post for more information and ideas!  Papers and embellishments used can be changed whenever you change the colors in your space!   
  2. Purchasing crates to put books in (and boy can you hold a lot of books in one) – and other supplies!  Making a really unique wall organizer that will hold all kinds of things in it, and can be easily moved and purchased a little at a time!   
  3. Re-purposing other storage items as I store things in other items.  This way I am not having to spend more money on more storage stuff, I am re-using things in different manors for different stuff!  
  4. Using and re-using baskets and bins as I do re-organize things in order to save money, just like the other storage items listed above!   

I have a few key pieces that will make my space complete for now – the bigger end of the items we shall say!  It will take a bit of “leg work” to decide the rest of the things I need  before I purchase them, so time spent at thrift stores and yard sales will be in the works for sure!  

  • Storage solutions and stability for the table such as 2 book cases for books and supplies in it!  (Could use cubbies as well for this – cheap at Target and Walmart!)
  • Chair that is comfortable to go with the table, that is tall enough, but not “too tall!  I have to be able to have a blanket with me as well, so possibly a stool with a back or???!!!!  
  • Wardrobe to put all my creative supplies in – in one place – making it easier to move and shut things in one place!   
It’s fun organizing so I can find all the things I have stashed away, or have wanted to use for a while!  This year I have a lot of things I would like to do…I can’t wait to see what all I end up getting done by the end of THIS YEAR!  I am organizing my creative space, my business space and my work space…..join me in making YOUR space perfect, won’t you!!!  
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Lynda Jeffs
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