Creative Paperclay Design Team – 2017

In 2013, I was asked to join the Creative Paperclay Design Team!  I am honored to STILL be a part of this amazing team, 4 years later – bringing you beginner/kid projects as well as scrapbook/card embellishments!!!  I have a few video’s on YouTube – click here for the link to my own personal video’s that will help you get started in your own designs for your crafts!!!

Creative Paperclay can be used with molds, stamps, cookie cutters – use your hands and create “something”… really it doesn’t matter “what”!!!  Take a look on the Design Team blog for fun inspiration – or even, for even more inspiration that you can do!!!  Spend time with the kids or grand-kids, and have fun in creating something!

Some tips to get you started:

  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew when you are starting out!  You don’t want to get frustrated before you get something done!
  • Use water as you need to as you are creating things.  When you get cracks and things, using water and your finger, can help to get the imperfections out!
  • Using molds or cookie cutters (or both even), makes each and every “thing” you make, one of a kind and unique!  You can even use the same mold – or the same cookie cutter, and still make it “different”!

I have enjoyed my time on the team, and glad to bring this next year full of fun kid projects – easy projects – scrapbook and card projects, to you!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

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Creative Paperclay Design Team 2017


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