My first large purchase when it comes to scrapbooking supplies, was my big red die cut machine by Sizzix!!!  Big Red was bought at Michael’s with a 50% off coupon sometime during 1999 I think!!!  My die cut machine has been the BEST purchase I could have ever made, and a money saver too!  Yes, I like my Cricut…but when it comes right down to it…I wouldn’t trade big red for anything!!!   With this Sizzix machine, you don’t need power, just an arm, so if the power goes out…you can still create!!!  I have a total of 21 of the larger die cuts – and 9 Sizzlet die cuts, and that is it!!  You truly do not need each and every supply out on the market today, pick and choose what you want to use, and go from there!  At least with my Sizzix machine, when I am ready to purchase a new one, the die cuts I have already purchased, can be used on the new machine AND I have other supplies available to me as well!   

All month this month – we are going to be talking about die cuts, and if you do a lot of paper crafting (including cards, bookmarks, mini projects) this is one purchase you truly want to look more in to!  You can use the same die cut shape in more than one way, and when you have other die cut shapes, embellishments that you add to the other shapes, each die cut takes a shape all it’s own!!!!  The best part about the die cut’s I have purchased, Sizzix has a machine (I have just GOT TO HAVE IT) and it has bigger die cuts I can purchase…they don’t make big red anymore!!!

Back to the die cuts that I have…..I have 21 larger die’s, I use 9 of them regularly and out of the 9 Sizzlets die’s, I use 5 of them all the time!  So you can see, when you do purchase a machine and die cuts, you can choose the machine that will do what you need it to do, choosing the die cuts you would use the most!!!   With the layouts shown here, I used the same tag die cut, but used in different ways – one for journaling, and 2 for embellishments!  The paper you use makes the entire project for sure!!!

MY big red machine was broke in 2012 in a long distance move…and thanks to an amazing friend Vicki – she sent me her 2 of her old ones, I cried at the very thought and gesture!!!  I have no idea how much money I have saved over the past 18 years with this machine and 30 die cut shapes, but I promise you it is A LOT!  This month, we will go over ways you can use die cuts – Sizzix die cut machines are perfect to start out with in order to start to save money with what you are doing!!

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