Get Er’ Done Monthly Challenge

If you have been following me for long – you totally know I am “time challenged”!!!  I am trying to get a bit better, but it just isn’t happening fast enough – let me tell you!  There is always SOMETHING in the way making it so things just simply don’t get created!!!  Not wanting for things to keep up like this much longer, today is “that day” where we look at our calendars and see what needs to be done the next little while and hopefully I can get more done THIS time around (I doubt it, but one can only hope!!!)

May 1st….beginning of a brand new month!  What all do YOU want to accomplish by the end of THIS month – next month and beyond?  Today’s post is all about getting you to think about what needs to be created, purchased, thought about or planned out for the next few months!  Grab your favorite items to organize yourself with – pen/pencil, eraser, paper, tablet/phone/computer, and a calendar, and lets get started!!!

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks, until the middle of June.  What all do YOU have that needs to be looked at for this time period?
  • Next look at your calendar for the next 3 months – until the end of July.  What all do you have going on during this time period that also needs to be looked at?
  • Last look at the next 6 months – until the end of October.  What do you have coming up during this time that needs your attention?  THIS to me is the most important part!

My list this month – things planned out, thought out – created……for me working at the end of the 6 months to current for my personal items, and for my business…well, I best get a bunch of items created in order to go to the events we are this summer!  I am excited to get things rolling and created, whether I am selling something, or making it for myself…   My list – a bit of everything on it…and hopefully this month things done better than last month!

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Lynda Jeffs

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