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I’m not sure how many of you work on your Family Tree – where you go back to “where you came from” in a sense!  I know we all come from our mom and dad – but really…have you ever thought about all the rest of the people who brought us where we are today?  All those “hidden pictures” – people you don’t know, but you have pictures of them – maybe heard stories about them – what they did in life…but nothing “documented” so to speak!  That is why I love scrapbooking as much as I do – because it takes those “pictures” and you can add a story to them, letting those who come after you – see what happened at that time of your life!!!

Ancestry is reverse scrapbooking – where you take the photos and add a story to it for scrapbooking…working on your ancestry simply helps you to create the story based on the documents and the photos you get!!!!  The fun part to doing your ancestry, is getting past the people who are still living – to those who are gone!  You can get more information for them…than you can those still here!

A few tips to help you get started on your own ancestry:

  • There are many sites where you can build your tree for free – or for a small fee each month.  Do a month to month plan and work on it ALL MONTH – cancelling at the end of that month if you don’t have the time to spend on it the next!
  • Try to look at your death records first – as that usually will populate the mother/father name for that person.  Next go through birth records – then census records…with everything else last!
  • As you are working on your tree –  your journey should be “YOUR journey” – where YOU came from.  If you don’t want to do all the spouses and children and siblings – and this one’s second marriage….you don’t have to!  No offense to anyone – your journey is all about where YOU came from.
  • Remember you can be told ANYTHING…….but when you build your tree – the documents won’t lie…DNA won’t lie to you…  PEOPLE will lie – but DNA WON’T.  Now that said – don’t solely rely on what you are told in life – “My Grandma was Native American because she was dressed in the garb”…  Grandma might not have been BORN Native….that said – get your DNA ran if you question anything…  It will tell you what you need to hear – not what you WANT to hear.
  • Look into software you can use on your computer in order to have your tree built.  Sometimes looking at your own documentation at various sites will show you more information – than things coming to you directly from one site.  Plus you can have it directly on your computer!

Working on your family tree can be a lot of fun, just like scrapbooking is!  It brings you closer together AS a family – getting answers as to where you came from, and your own personal mark on the world!  The DNA product – gives you answers that “at times” might not be what you thought…but they are THE TRUTH.  I have talked to many people who were told one thing – and find out down the line – they are something totally different than what “they were told” all because of “DNA”.

When I scrapbook, I can take my memories and keep them documented!  With working on your ancestry – you are taking the documents…the photos – and creating a story for that person!  You find the stories – what they did in life – where they lived – pictures……you can paint a story for that person and that family – the things your own family did in life!  I never knew a city I used to live in – was named after my Grandfather!  I never knew my husbands family at all – (neither did he) – and we can at least find out more about who he came from in life!  The stories I have found – simply make me understand what remarkable people I truly came from!

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