Christmas – 5 Months From Today

Christmas is in 5 months from today – is that enough time to get everything done that you want to?  Today’s post is all about looking at what you have right now – and get started in designing your cards, a place to put your pictures, gifts you need to purchase or make, and fun parties you need to get ready for!  I hope to find fun sites and things that will help you plan everything out that you need to!

Altered composition notebook/journal – great to put all of your thoughts in one place, gift suggestions for people, planning for parties or celebrations, your shopping list by person or event even!  One journal for everything holiday related for you to keep in one place and take with you!  See me if you want to purchase one – $15.00 customized free!

Handmade cards – start to design your own cards, look at Pinterest or other sites for cards you love! Start to sketch things out and grab everything you can use for your cards in one place – that way when you have inspiration, you can start to create without pulling it all out!  See me if you want your own cards – $2.50 each card, the more you purchase – the more you save!  I will have one of a kind designs the next few weeks – so if you want something special or unique… see me!  Once the paper I have is used up – you will never see another set of cards like these!

Mini albums – each year – you could make an album to put your pictures in, different each year!!!  Add your cards to it – notes…..anything YOU want to document!  It’s not just about that one morning while everyone is ripping through their gifts – it’s about the time spent in getting the gifts purchased…or made!  Document all the planning – the receipts – the lists – photos….the whole bit!  20 page mini albums or paper bag albums are PERFECT for this reason!

Tags – to and from tags to put on top of your presents – make each gift special, instead of simply just a tag you add with a couple of names on them!  Use the tag when you are done as an embellishment on a special layout or framed page, makes it a bit more special!!  Tags can be done using scraps of paper from other projects you have done – using a solid color as the base, with a place you can add the “to and from” on the back with a special message if you want!  All tag’s purchased are one of a kind – you won’t find the same 2 tags no matter IF the same supplies are used on each tag!  $1.75 each tag – the more you purchase – the more we will discount the purchase price for you!

Christmas comes but once a year – you don’t want to rush right before and not spend the time creating wonderful things!  You have 5 months from today – to get things done…special cards – a place to put your thoughts in – tags – framed items…..what you don’t want to create, let me know and I will help you get things done!

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