Die Cut Machines – Hints and Tips

One of my best purchases by far – “big red” – my Sizzix die cut machine and my 30 die cut shapes!!!  I had been with my husband a few years when I told him this is what I wanted, he had a bit of extra money – and we bought it with a 50% off coupon at Michael’s!!!    Big red broke during my move to Sacramento, California – and a wonderful friend named Vickie sent me 2 of them in the mail to replace the one that broke – happy was I!!  I have since moved to a Cricut machine (thanks to that same friend) – but still find myself going to big red for different reasons!!!

Since Sizzix doesn’t make “big red” anymore – I will be moving on to a whole new machine soon, I love that I can use the 30 other die cuts I already have, already purchased – and I am not wasting anything!  I don’t like to waste things – that is why I keep most all of my extra paper from old projects – so I can make my creations more one of a kind!

A few tips to help you with your die cut machine purchase:

  • Do you want your machine to be more portable, so you can take it with you without having to worry about power?   If you don’t need to worry about power, then you might want to go with a Sizzix machine first!  You can also add texture to your projects with the various die cuts there!
  • What about your die cut shapes, do you want them one size – or do you need to resize the shapes you are die cutting?  Sizzix die cuts are one size – but can be used with a ton of other die cuts and punches to create your own style of items!  Best thing about a Cricut style machine, is the alphabet’s alone!  They can save you a bunch of money on your projects by being able to customize the titles and sizes of each title!
  • Scraps of paper and your die cut machine by Sizzix, can really create a perfect one of a kind project!  There are many times I have only need a piece of paper – and had the perfect color of paper to use in my stash!
  • If you only have a few pieces of themed paper left (such as birthday) die cut a few presents or balloons so you can do a card, tag, scrapbook embellishment, or put in your stash to use when you can later on.
  • Buy die cuts you can use for other things such as a present.  That type of die cut can be used for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, baby shower…..you get the idea!  Simply by adding the PERFECT paper – you have darling one of a kind item just by changing the papers you use!
  • If you have stamps and ink – take a solid paper and stamp all over the paper using different colors of ink that coordinate with your project.  Then die cut shapes – a tag, flowers, frames – things like that!

My die cut machine has been with me for a long time now – and I couldn’t craft without it!  I simply love how much money this little beauty has saved me – and trust me…I really needed it!  When they took my husband out of work, I couldn’t spend money…I learned to save a ton of money along my journey at crafting!  I hope you will find ways to save money at your crafting – and create your own style of beautiful one of a kind items for your friends and family!

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