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I have been creating for a long time now – 27 years for my cards, and 19 for my scrapbooks – so I have bought a lot of “stuff”!  When I first started, I would throw away the scraps of paper and then think of things I could use them on afterwards.  So I started keeping a lot of the extra scraps of paper from my scrapbook projects, in order to use for my cards and embellishments!!!  Sometimes the CUTEST projects I have done, have been made using scraps of paper from various projects!  

One thing I like – is looking at the papers to use and the colors that are on the scraps of paper that I want to work with!  If I am working on an embellishment, then I look for all of the scrap pieces that will go with the main color or pattern I am using, and then work from there!  One thing this does – is allows you to create one of a kind pieces to put on your projects – and save money not having to use a whole sheet of paper for one small “thing”!

  • Take Time To Smell The Flowers – flowers done with a paper piecing pattern, with a circle punch and a daisy punch/brad for the title!  Can be recreated using any scraps of paper you have, in just about any color scheme
  • Bookmark – this whole project was done using scraps from other projects!  As I punch pieces from the original project I am working on, I will usually punch or die cut extra pieces and put them away in my stash for use when I need a bit of “color” or simply as I need it!
  • Thanks So Much! card – everything done (minus the card base itself) was finished using scraps, stamps and a punch along with my paper trimmer!   This type of card can be finished using just about any color or theme you want!
  • Expressions layout – the background papers that I used in the layout, all coordinated, and was left over from another project I was doing – a mini album!  I then used my stamps to create the title (also from scraps of paper) – and the journaling done on the computer printed on cardstock!

As you can see, working with scraps of paper can be a lot of fun, and total unique to the project you are working on.  Each of the projects shown here – done using scraps of paper from other projects!  Save your scraps, and create your own style of embellishments, cards, layouts, and paper craft items!!!  Next up for me – using my scraps for fun paper clip embellishments for my planner, I’ll be sure to share with you when they are done….and at the moment – Christmas cards, and yes, made out of scraps as well!!!  Watch my Instagram feed for more pictures of the cards!!!

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