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This is my Grandma and Grandpa Tuckett my mom’s parents…two of the finest people I know!  I never thought about where I came from until the past few years – and now…I think everyone SHOULD do something like this actually!  I have a few tips for you in order for you to find more about your own ancestors!

  1. Start with YOU – your tree is about where YOU come from!  Add you, mom and dad – birth and death dates – where they were born…add what you DO know – and don’t worry about what you don’t!
  2. If your parents or grandparents are still alive, take the time to listen to them about stories from when they were younger, and things they heard while they were growing up!
  3. Work with others in your family, to grow your tree further!  Sometimes it is a lot more fun to work on a tree you build with others, than to work by yourself!
  4. If you are not as experienced with technology – learn to connect with someone younger who IS NOT afraid of working on a device, and ask them to show you some things!  (See next item)
  5. Clean cache & cookies AT LEAST once a month if you go on a lot of web sites!!!  This way, things are refreshed more often than not!  If you don’t know how to do this – see above!
  6. A “gedcom” file – is a file that can be moved from software (such as Roots Magic or Family Tree Maker) – to a web site such as to make it easier for you to work on your tree!  This way – you can go anywhere as long as you have a device to work on, and still work on your tree without having to be stuck on a computer doing your work!
  7. If you do have a tree on a web site, and you are worried about people seeing your tree – make sure your tree is private, not public!  That way, you don’t have rude, vindictive people in YOUR life, that can do anything (not that they could anyway) to your tree!
  8. If people are still alive – they should be showing up as “private” as their name.  That way people can’t guess who they are as easily, and you give those you want to be able to see the tree, that right!
  9. Check out Youtube video’s – Pinterest for genealogy resources –’s Ancestry Academy video’s – and anything else on web sites you go to – that will help you learn more.
  10. If you are looking at building your tree further – look at any type of death records first.  This helps to populate the last name of the mother and father of that person.  Go through birth records, census records, marriage records, anything else you can locate such as stories or photos after that.

Take the time to find out where you come from – names…..stories……WHO brought you to where you are at right now?  If I knew HALF of what I know right now – I would not be where I am today BECAUSE of those in my past!  What remarkable people they were to endure what they did – no wonder I have been able to do what I have done the past how many years – because of THEM!

Enjoy your day,

Lynda Jeffs

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