It’s All About ME Monday!!!

When it comes to your creating – take a look at some of your last few layouts and projects, who are they mostly about – the kids, the guests, the spouse, family and friends?  Any photos of yourself, or thoughts as to what you were thinking at the time you were doing whatever?  Technology makes it really easy now to simply pick up your phone and take a few photos and find a company such as Shutterfly to print them out, and add to an album or project about YOU!

Every Monday – we are going to talk about YOU…  All About Me Monday’s!!!  I want each of us to get OUR stories out – those little things that make us US!  Here are a few suggestions to help you get started!

  • Not every photo needs to be of yourself….those random pictures of much of nothing – sometimes makes the best photos to journal about!
  • If you have a smartphone and take a lot of pictures, learn how to crop the part of the photo you don’t want – and have those printed out through an app!
  • What would you want to know about your grandmother – or your great grandmother…that you don’t know – and document THOSE types of things!
  • Keep a small notebook with you in your purse to keep track of things you want to document!  You are sure to get inspiration at the strangest of times, this way – you have something handy to put things down on!
  • If you have a lot of photos printed out already – look through them and see if you have any you can start with in order to create your stories?  A photo of your home, or a dinner plate, or a wall hanging, or a photo you really don’t know what to do with – is there SOMETHING you can journal about?

This week – a few challenges for you to work on:

  1. Find photos you want to start journaling about that you already have right now!
  2. Decide how you want to do your project – and what you want to do!  Are we doing a mini album, a Project Life style album – a regular scrapbook?
  3. Start to decide what you want to do with your project, and document it!
  4. Pick any of the following themes and create a page with it:    Cover page – Photo of you with how old you are – Hopes and Dreams – Where are you right now in your life, where you want to be or not – Favorite color – Vehicle you drive – Favorite place on earth – Favorite person – Hats you hold job and life related – If you could go anywhere on vacation where would you go

You want to spend time documenting you – not just the kids and their lives, document YOU too!  I have some things in my Project Life album, and other stuff in my planner/smart phone so I can add everything to my project!  I have a paper bag album A – Z About Me – I might just locate that – find some fun pictures, and start to add the journaling to each letter!!!  Find a fun way to document YOU – and join me for All About Me Monday’s!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

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