4 Months Till Christmas – (Late)

Christmas is in 4 months from now – if you celebrate the holiday, lets take a look at things we need to get done by that day!!!  The next 3 months, we will be working on things relating to Christmas – decorations to make, ways to save money, packaging items, tags for your presents, cards, layouts, framed items, and much much more!!!  So, lets take a bit of a look at your calendar:

  • Parties – do you have any parties you need to plan out – family events, church parties, cookie parties, work events – anything?  Whether you need to plan a gift or the whole event, start to put these events on your calendar to look at!
  • Card list – start to make a list of cards you want to send out.  Are you making all of the cards, or purchasing some and making special ones?  Look at designs you want to create on places such as Pinterest and web sites/blogs!  Start to purchase books of stamps if you need to mail any out!
  •  Gifts to make – are you making any gifts, special gifts – gift card holders?  Start to plan things out as to who you want to make things for – and get the idea out on paper!  Again, look at your favorite places to get inspiration and see if you can get something fun to create!
  • Ways to present your gifts – gift bags from the $1 store in a plain color – add to it fun themed decorations, a tag  customized to the person receiving it – or anything else you want to add to it!
  • Your Christmas layouts – do you have any examples you want to recreate – papers you want to purchase – embellishments you want to create?  Get this done ahead of time – decide what you want it to look like before time!

Make things special this year – even if it is something small!  Making the item you put the gift in, whether it is a big present – or something small like a gift card…make something special for each of the items you give out!  Start now, so you have enough cards made, your layouts ready to go so all you have to do is add the photos to it, your gift bags made – and everything ready to go!  I hope you join me!!!

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Lynda Jeffs

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