Monthly Get Er’ Done Challenge

I can’t believe it is August already – school ready to start, fall close behind, holiday’s coming up – where on earth did the time go this year?  I wanted to get so much done – and yet…..  Hopefully with my new planner – a bit more self control – along with a list, I can get more done the next few months, we all know my time management skills suck frankly!

Since I realize not only my time management skills suck, I also know that I don’t use my planner the right way!  I am planning on spending once a week in looking at things – and will be posting small challenges on my Facebook page for Memories in Tyme here, on Monday’s at least!  Hopefully that will help me to plan a bit more – and look at things more long term, instead of waiting until the last minute!

It is that time – grab your favorite items to organize with…..a planner if you have one – an altered notebook – a calendar – pen/pencil…and lets get started:

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks until the middle of September…what type of events do you have going on you need to plan for?
  • Next look at your calendar until the end of October…that gives you the next 3 months to get stuff created for!  What type of things do you have going on that you need to plan or create for?
  • Last look at things you have going on until the end of January…that gives you until the very beginning of 2018 for parties, holidays, events you need to plan…..make this year SPECIAL!

I hope you get more done – we will chat each Monday and I will update you on the things I am getting done!  I have a bunch I need to do/re-do….in order TO get more done by the end of the year!  Here is to a better 6 months…..

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Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

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