To The Past –

Dear past/hackers,

I have done exactly as you wished – and left YOU and this situation alone.  Why on earth do you continue to do this to ME after all of this time, I mean they ARE all his children – RIGHT?   So in response to all of this – might I simply leave all of you with this:

  1. Keep trying to hack – no matter what you do – you wont find a way to get in.  There is ONE admin – and ONE admin only to take care of this site……  Whether you put my name – “admin” – my husbands name – my sons name – any OTHER name/info – it will kick out no MATTER WHAT.  I thought after the first round of you doing this – you would get a grip…clearly not.
  2. Get a grip – get your DNA ran with a company such as’s DNA product…it will give you matches – and when you all come up as siblings with each other, and matched up to both mom AND dad – then you and I can clearly talk…..  Until then – you are talking about stuff you clearly have no desire to find the 2nd side of the story to – sad frankly…
  3. After this story – do NOT say a damned word to me about “answers”…..  My ex-husband committed suicide 18 years ago…he left behind a young daughter – a 3 year old grandson……me – and many other family and friends who loved him.  He died 3 days after my birthday – I will never EVER be the same again…  18 years later – his daughter found me – asked for answers…..wanted pictures…..  She got the answers – and she got the pictures – and she has talked to me DAILY since then……  Talk about forgiveness – healing – helping – ASKING A QUESTION OR TWO AND GETTING AN ANSWER……………………………………. SHE asked – she got……
  4. Either you don’t have a life – or yours is coming crashing down on you for the paternity fraud lies – so you have to keep things going here…  I’m not stupid – the truth is all I care about.  I’m not going to keep things going here – just for you to keep it up and lie some more, everything you are doing is being documented – and one day – we WILL be in front of a judge………..

Life is short…..How sad you can’t simply get along, or tell the truth before it’s too late…you simply have to keep things vindictively up – the death threats up – the lies going…..what in order to keep yourself looking good and me bad?  I’m not IN competition with you…….LOVE not hate – TRUTH not lies…..


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