Desperate Times????

Dear Past,

Wow, you people are such busy beavers aren’t you – almost 500 attempted hacks in one day LOL!!!  I figured I would write a few things here, document you might say – as a JUST IN CASE something were to happen to Del and I at your hands…  You are getting rather desperate lately – but they are all “his” – right!!!

So, here you go – based on the above paper:

  1. Shut up and get your DNA ran with your siblings, with a company that is reputable! has 5 MILLION members just in their DNA product alone!  Get it with ALL 5 siblings, when you are full matches with 4 of you – and half with the other one, then we can talk…  Until then – you have NO clue, and don’t assume you do.
  2. Don’t believe everything you hear…..research things for yourself.
  3. Two sides to a story – you owe it to yourself TO get that second side OF the story…  You might not like it – because SOMEONE is lying to you…..but when you simply believe that one side, over the “other side” just because she “says it”……well, that might be the problem right there – ever ask yourself why she won’t be a human?
  4. D&C 7/28/90 – separated until Christmas time – pregnant on Halloween – child born 8/7/91……NOT HIS KID, told by his stepsister – “a friend of his is laughing because he is put in the gutter paying child support for HIS kid”…..see #1, then come and talk to me!
  5. Father of the youngest has lied to his own daughter while she goes and calls people “sperm donor”…  Father collects money from not only a man – BUT ALSO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT – for his own daughter.  He sat there from the time she was 9 months old – collecting child support FOR HIS OWN DAUGHTER.  All the while, telling his “cop friends” what a horrible bastard he was – and he was a drug dealer…  Then when I came around – I am the one labeled the “meth dealer” because we couldn’t get HIM for “drug dealing” so we have to make it worse and do the “meth dealer” so the stupid friends will believe it all!
  6. This garnishment – along with many others I have in my possession, were all paid for by DEL – NOT BRANDI, NOT MIKE, NOT CHAD – DEL………………………………..HE is the one who struggled – NOT anyone else…
  7.  I’m the one with the death threats, the comments, the bull crap….  I am the one dealing with mouths – then when I say something……wow…  THIS is after the “gramma request” that was asked to be done…what next?
  8. Kid needs a place to stay, so he comes to live with his father…  We have over 50 pictures of damages, lies told, rubbing alcohol in my contact case to blind me – and death threats…..

So, what is going on?  NOTHING – we were told to leave it alone, he’s the bad guy, I am the horrible witch who took him away from a loving wife……………………………….  Ya, no………………..not going to take responsibility for something I didn’t do…  I’m not going to say one thing because you want me to.  THIS is my business web site, and for you to keep this crap up HERE – after HOW LONG NOW?   If you want war, you are not going to get it-  I will however, get my attorney TO put a stop to things one way or the other…

So this is your final warning – I hope to see the attempts to hack into a site that simply is NONE of your business – your concern – your dealings… simply stop.  There is NO credit card numbers stored on the site, there is NOTHING that you need behind the scenes…and when you try – over 500+ times in ONE DAY – TO get into my site……wow, get a grip.  You are pathetic people frankly…I am glad my 2 kids were kept away from this whole thing, and able to live a life…  I am glad the oldest son – helped his “dad” out – as best he could…..while the rest of you – talked crap about a remarkable man.  This story is documented – and if something happens to us…well, people will know who to look for.  I hope soon – things are put to rest, and people see each and every one of us for who and what we all are…..  THIS paper says it all…and you can either look at it, get your DNA ran or something…  But don’t be blaming just ONE PARTY – because those comments…………………….can be taken to a court of law, and those of you who keep on saying those “sperm donor” comments – and listening to mother of the year – when I have the comments FROM FACEBOOK – saying how MIKE IS YOUR FATHER……………….and you sit and call DEL names?  Pathetic frankly.





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