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Today is my birthday – and in 3 more days on 8/5, the 18th and 13th anniversaries of the deaths of both my ex-husband and my father.  One event was bad enough – but 2 of them…..HORRIBLE for even the strongest of people to deal with!  I look at things right now – 18 years later – meeting the love of my life right after this event happened…and then dealing with a “situation” I never caused – just “married in to”, well…..we will just say  I thank GOD I found creating – paper crafts, journaling, making cards and scrapbooks…   My journey the past 18 years – and the past 13 years since my dad passed away – has made me see more than I want…..

As you can tell – I hate my birthday, and the memories I get when I am dealing with this one week!  This week – I am going to CREATE my way through it – and join me if you would like!  I have a few challenges that you can join me on – make sure you share with me your creations!!!  I would love to see what it is you have done!!!

  1. Do a “53” (insert your age) Things About Me project – mini album or scrapbook layout…
  2. Make some birthday cards to put away for your stash of cards….(or start your stash of cards)
  3. Make a gift for someone – look at an event coming up the next little while, and make something special for them to put away
  4. Use your existing supplies only on a project – no purchasing anything…use stamps or die cuts that you have at home
  5. If you don’t have a layout or project to do something for right now – make something ahead of time such as a layout or mini album…that way all you need to do is add the photos!
  6. Make a birthday/event book with each month to add all the birthdays in one place in your favorite colors

I am not going to spend money – I am going to have a stash of cards ready to go – my “53 things about me” project done…a birthday gift for a darling neighbor and their son…..and I will celebrate the 2 men in my own way on Saturday!  Another birthday right after that – I hope SHE has such a wonderful day on her special day as well!

I met my husband when I was 36… many things have happened during our marriage and our time spent together!  I can’t believe I am 53….been through more than 1 person ever should – and still alive to talk about it all!  This picture – right around my birthday a couple of years ago at Lake Tahoe!!!  I won’t be going up for my birthday this year – but I will be planning soon to check out the water level!  I hope you have a WONDERFUL week – have fun in creating SOMETHING – and join me in your family history…and paper crafting!!!

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Lynda Jeffs

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