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We are going to be working a bit on your family history – simple tips to build a family tree, and ways you can preserve what you are doing!!!  I will have hints and tips and tricks for working on, so join me!!!  If you missed the first post in this series – you want to start here!!!

What you are told vs what is real…… history style!!!  Personally – I think everyone should not only take a DNA test, in fact just hit 5 million members who have had the DNA test ran…the first company around TO hit that mark – but they also should build a family tree while they are at it!!  That way, what you see is what you get, vs what you are told is the gospel truth!

I can tell you, you don’t really care much when you are younger, there are too many things going on in your life than to look at those gone before us!!!  But, the older you get, the more fun it is to really see who you were connected to, the good – the bad – and the ugly…the history you learn while doing your own family history – and who everyone was!  The stories you will read, the photos you will see – the records you will find, and the books you can create out of your ancestors…while you are learning something at the same time!!!

Here are a few links for you – to help you get started in your journey to learn more:

  • Ancestry Academy – wonderful video’s on just about everything!  Free video’s to watch, and if you have the All Access subscription, you get even MORE video’s in this section!
  • What you can’t find in the Academy, then go to for the channel!!!  Make sure you subscribe there!!!
  • Ancestry also has a support center under the Help section in the site!  This usually takes you to a separate page, so you can research the article – while you do the work it needs you to do!  Very helpful and step by step directions!

Have fun learning more about your own ancestry, where YOU came from!   Your journey is YOUR journey, nobody else’s even IF they have worked on things!

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