Word of the Day Challenge –

The word of the day – PEACE and all that this word brings to it.  My life isn’t so peaceful….I have a situation in my personal life that – 17 years later, still isn’t going away.  I have moved across 4 state lines to get away from this “situation”……and still, the “situation” keeps rearing its ugly head in strange ways…  Now that said…..I simply have no words………this last round has simply been enough, but I have been AT ENOUGH for a very long time now – thus the moving across 4 state lines…  When one leaves the state they were born in, tries to rebuild their life in 3 other states, and people still keep things up…..I simply have no more words…especially when it is done vindictively behind backs, than to people’s faces…it’s like they are chickensh*t’s…..(sorry for the language)…..

Today – I want you to find a word of the day/week/month – and create it!  My word is PEACE…I am going to have a picture I like…and quotes about peace, in a simple white background paper in a Heidi Swapp style page!  Life is too short – and right now, I choose to concentrate on me, and my family……those right here with me, not those doing vindictive things behind my back!  Enjoy your day!

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Lynda Jeffs

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