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Hello everyone, it’s All About ME Monday!!!  Are you ready to work on those missing pieces in your projects – lets get started on YOU!!!  From the time I was a little girl, I have had a creative imagination – always doing extra things on my creative assignments, or coloring a lot!  I loved to draw houses – but knowing I wasn’t good at it.  Then I got older, and my imagination stopped being creative, I’m not sure about you, but a part of me was lost when I stopped creating!  Fast forward to 1990 – I was creating my daughters’ birth announcements before she was born, and an instant love for what now is paper crafting, was formed!!!  This layout – has hidden journaling under the photo and title space…..flip it up and you will see more about my imagination, but hidden so nobody needs to read it until long after I am gone!

My “imagination” for me….. if I look at a picture, or papers, or supplies, and ponder on things for a bit, I usually can wake up with the project or idea in my head a day or two later!  I have had many special projects get completed that way – things I have given out as gifts, and a few I have kept for myself!!!  One of my favorite projects is the one pictured above – the peach and blue journal!  I use it for so many things – figuring out I could make corner bookmarks and a tall bookmark with the leftovers – and customize it to my needs at the moment – this one is more of a planning notebook – I take it with me a lot!

Today – pick a word that describes you somehow – the first thought out of my brain for my word right now is “bitch”, though maybe it would be a bit better to do a less “colorful” word LOL!  Or one with a set of words I know that describe me, that I need to change?  Maybe behaviors I won’t put up with, or something???!!!  Pick a word – a phrase – something that describes YOU – and create it!

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