Family History – Telling Your Stories


Those stories you are told when you are a little girl – the one’s they are told…of how one of your relatives did this – that – or something else back in the day!  Learn to look up the stories behind the ancestors, not just take for face value what is told to you – people embellish things, they change facts along the way…..  The stories behind the “names” – what they did…why they did it….that brought you where you are at today!

I didn’t know a lot of things about my ancestors…I do now!!!  One of my great-grandfathers walked across the plains with his sisters….after he lost his mother, father, and 2 brothers.  They never seen 2 of the other kids at all, they stayed back in Sweden!  He was 25 years old, raising his 2 little sisters…who does that…you certainly wouldn’t see that type of thing today with so many attitudes where it is all about ME than anyone else…  (Okay sometimes working one ME is a good thing, but concentrating on ME is a bad thing!)

As you are looking at your past – working back to all these remarkable people who brought you to where you are at right now……  Where did my blue eyes come from – why am I such a strong person at times…..why did I have blond hair until I was 14, where did that come from?  I want to know more – more about the time period from when they were here…where they were from!!!  I want to know MORE!!!

Find a good site to work on, start with you, your mom and your dad!  Work your way back from there – and look at where your journey will take you!  You might be really surprised at where your journey ends up taking you – the history you find out ALONE when it comes to working on your tree!  It is great to bring people together when they want answers……and a way to find out simply who you are!

Enjoy working on your tree,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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