4 Months Till Christmas

If you celebrate Christmas – can you believe it is 3 months from today, I know I can’t!  This year – I want things to be different, with presents done beforehand – cards done to give out – packaging done in a creative way…and fun decorations made for my home as well!  I have a lot to do – and a short time to get things done!!!  So in order to GET it all done, I need to start to planning and creating!!!

So, grab your Christmas thoughts you have so far, and if you don’t…get your pen/pencil – list of what you need to do, and lets get started!  If you missed last months post – you can always check here for that post for other challenges and things you can look at!!!  I am proud of where I am at right now, getting some fun Christmas cards designed to sell – and deciding which ones I want to mass produce to send and give out!  I have a large extended family, and a large “family” where I am at, this year – I want to celebrate them and their influence on me!

  • For the parties you have – look over your list of things you need to do, and get done what you can!  If you have planned things out – start to purchase things that will not go to waste – and put it in a special place!  This way you are not spending all of your money right before for the party, and the presents, and the cards……………….
  • For the cards you are doing – are you making them, or buying them?  If you do decide to buy, think about buying them from someone who makes them, vs premade!  Plus if you don’t have the time to make them yourself, check out my page here to order some from me!!!  At least it gives you some ideas you can recreate yourself if you want!!!!  Start to make your list of people you want to make cards for!
  • For the gifts you are making – how long do you need to have to finish things up?  What all are you making?  Get things on a list for this area – you don’t want to wait until the last minute to get stuff done!  What about purchasing gifts – look for coupons for your recipients’ favorite places to shop, or gift cards for them to spend!  Look at this area – and spend a bit of time often, to get everyone what you want them to have!
  • For the gifts you do make/purchase – how do you want them to look?  Are you going to just throw them in gift bags, a paper sack and say here you go?  If you can’t wrap presents – then gift bags, with a bit of tissue paper, or gift boxes that can be reused, a can to put their present in (you can see ideas I have done, just search for altered cans – and yes, you can purchase one from me)!!!
  • For your Christmas layouts – how do you want them to look?  Do you have anything that you want to create – or learn to create?  Do you want to spend a bit of time before Christmas gets here – so all you have to do is all the photos?  It is so fun to do a paper bag or folio style album with plenty of places to add your photos…and use it as a decoration in your home somewhere!  Maybe have people who stop by and visit, have a place they could sign a tag, and get a photo of them where you can print it out later!

I can’t wait to get things done for Christmas this year!  I am in such a different place in my life – in my head – with the people around me!!!  I am almost excited to design fun decorations, and gifts to give out, special things to make!!!  I have cards designed now – I have a few other things I am working on for tags, and to keep track of everything in one place such as gifts to send, cards to give out – things like that!  I hope you join me in getting more done this Christmas season!!!

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Lynda Jeffs

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