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So the past 5 years, I have been rebuilding my life…easy it has not been!  I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything – and wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemies either!  The lessons I have had to learn, have been mine to learn, and mine only!  I wish though – looking back on the past few years especially, I would have documented everything more than I did, even the little things!!!  I can look back on events from the past few years, but I can’t go back and document things on a day to day basis like I can now!!!

I have told you a bit about the planner I got from Heidi Swapp – today, was able to put some amazing news into it, that made me really smile!  I wish I would have been able to document things like this in the pastas I got the news…to see the hard work on a more day to day basis…  Though I didn’t do that – I can see the hard work come in to play now, and for that – I am excited and thankful!   That planner – and the accessories Heidi sent me – was completely a GODSEND!!!  Something I needed, but really didn’t know I needed it until now!

This week, I want you to document the week at hand!  Even the littlest of details, the tiny thoughts through your head, what you want to accomplish…  Find the perfect way to document your life…

I haven’t decided how I am going to do mine…… it will either be Project Life style, or Heidi’s storytelling style  – where I can add the thoughts, the embellishments – the details, take a picture – and create my own story!   I want something I can do on a weekly basis, add the thoughts from the week and then add the picture/pictures when I have them printed out!  I have a lot of fun events the next few months – I am going to detail each of them, in a fun way, I hope you will join me!!!

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