Technique of the Month – Punches

This month – we are going to be working with punches!!!!  My punches have been a part of my crafting from day one, and a cost saver for sure!  When you pair them with stamps – other punches – and die cuts, you truly can create one of a kind embellishments for your projects!  This month – all month, we are going to show you various things you can do with punches, I hope you will join me!!!

The past little while, we have talked about what to do with scraps of paper – my punches, I use with scraps of paper!  I get the first part of the project done – and with the leftover papers, I will make my punch pieces for the embellishments!  Plus if I have other “bling” or things I want to use – or die cut shapes I can use, it truly makes that piece look one of a kind, even IF I use the same punch!

In the above picture – the I used a flower, sun, and heart punch with 2 die cut flowers!  I have used all of the punches in different ways, especially when I create bookmarks and cards!  The same heart punch I used for the leaves in the flowers on the card, I used as an embellishment on the layout shown here with a tag, buttons, pieces of scraps and a bit of wire!  The same punch was also used on the picture with the bow at the top…so used in different ways there too!

Punches will help save you money every time you use them…so over time, you could be paying yourself with the savings!  I have a wonderful collection right now, some I haven’t used in a long time…then brought out and reused in other ways!  I will go over that in another post this month, I can’t wait to share it with you!  I hope you pull out your punches, your stamps, your die cut shapes – and have fun creating one of a kind embellishments!

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