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Do you know the saying ‘life can change on a dime’… does, when you least expect it!  I was sent a planner a few months ago, right after Mothers Day from Heidi Swapp!  I instantly started using it – now, love how my little planner keeps me going with things needed to get done, and things I have already gotten done!  The past few weeks have been completely life changing for me yet again, this time…..totally excited to document the entire journey so I can scrapbook the feelings and everything during my journey and really happy I have that little planner!!!!

During my journey in “life”, it hasn’t been easy…one bad mistake or relationship after another….things that would normally bring people to their knees, me – just pressing on!  I recently got a new job in the same company I have worked with…and love it I do!  I am learning new things about LYNDA that I didn’t know until now!  How there are times you go through things, more to shape you – not to break you!

Today –  a few challenges for you to choose from:

  • Start a Project Life album…right now today – start to document the week you just had!  Even if you need to add a photo later on, get the week documented!
  • From your list of things you need to get done – get at least 3 things finished this weekend!
  • Organize your space so you can get more done, and things look better for you!
  • Pick something you did this past week, and document it!
  • Start a journal!

This time around – I want to document the journey…last time I was lucky just to be alive, couldn’t remember to document a thing…  This time, I am going to document each and every single twist and turn!  Join me!

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