Evaluating Life and Memories

Memories in Tyme has been in my life for at LEAST 10 years now….if not more!  I love to create – knew when I started going to school that I wanted to design my own scrapbook paper line, and go as far as I could creatively!  I still want to create…and still WILL create, I just have to take some time to ‘evaluate” my life, my job, and my business….and make a few decisions I simply don’t want to do!!

Not sure how many of you have had to rebuild your lives….but to be frank with you, it’s not easy!  When I started Memories, I had so many dreams…..so many things I wanted to do with my little corner of the internet!  I simply wanted to NOT FAIL…  Now that said – my journey with Memories might change – it might be less…it might be different than I wanted before…I just know that RIGHT NOW….I need to figure a few things out!  But FAIL I did not!  I learned much about myself during the past few years – what I am made of, and simply what I am CAPABLE OF!  I sure learned that those who told me “I couldn’t do it” or “I wouldn’t make a dime” at all this – were wrong!

Between a new project a few weeks ago, another new one in the works….a design team I am on – creative projects I am doing – and the rest of the business stuff…I simply am CHECKED OUT………spent……. E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Depending on what happens the next few weeks – either things will be super crazy – or it will be a bit better!  I just know I need to spend a few weeks to figure it all out as the rest of what is happening…happens!  LOL but you know when you feel like a train is coming at you, and you are walking towards the light…you are almost there and a freaking train comes by and messes up with you bags you are carrying?  That is what I feel like – so I need to spend the time figuring which bags are THE MOST important – and which ones aren’t.  Those that I truly thought were MOST important…might not make it to the next level!

So, I am not going anywhere – I am just figuring it all out!  If you need me – contact me!  You just won’t be seeing a lot of blog posts until I can get it all decided on!  Thank you TONS for your support during all of this craziness!  I need a to-do list, and to stop procrastinating!

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Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

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