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When I was younger, my grandma (much like everyone’s grandma) was just the best!  She was a beautiful woman, very dainty – always in the kitchen, and loved my grandpa to death!  I am named after her baby sister – as I am my mom’s youngest daughter, so very fitting!  However…I didn’t really know her parents – or my grandpa’s parents…  I didn’t know the stories behind the names at all.  I never had a desire to work on my own family history, now…I love the stories and the pictures I find, and the census records – things that help to make a story of the person that helped to bring me where I am today!

So, I challenge you to get in a web site that will help you find more about your past!  Start with what you know, and work your way back from there!  Find people in your family, and start to talk about them about those they remember – the stories they were told!  That is the part of life we have all stopped doing – talking to those in the older generation about the stories they remember hearing!

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