Working With Punches and Die Cuts Together

My first really “big” purchase I made with paper crafting (and one of the best purchases I made) – was “big red”, my Sizzix machine!  Now that little bugger…. you don’t have to have power to run it, you have to have an arm LOL!!!  With “big red”, you can’t change the size of the shape you are cutting, like you can an electronic die cut machine!  I had a vindictive person come in my life, and decide to tear apart my Cricut machine because he hates me, you can’t do that with “big red”!!!!   If the power goes out – I am still able to use “big red” and my punches!!!!

The next best purchase I made (and acquired some of them from my sister) was my punches!!!!  One punch, when paired with a die cut – can be used in TONS of different ways depending on the theme of the project you are creating!!!  Add to that stamps, Creative Paperclay – and you can now create your own magnet’s and embellishments, and fun things for your paper crafts, simply add “paper”!!!

Your challenge this weekend, and share if you can!!!  If you have made something, please tag Memories in Tyme into the photo!!!

  • Using the die cut shapes you have, integrate them into a project you are working on!
  • Using your die cut machine and punches, use them together for embellishments on an existing project!
  • Using your punches only, create an embellishment to go on a project you are working on!

I love saving money with the punches I have, and the die cut shapes I have!  “Big Red” and I have been creating Christmas creations the past few weeks, I can’t wait to get them done – and ready for the craft fair I have coming up!  I love saving money with my purchases, and “big red” along with my punches…a complete money saver!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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