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You know – I think I am going to put in my will that I have to be about an hour or two late for my own funeral ;), I am always late and have learned procrastination with the best of them (my mother)!!!  This month, I hope to start my “intentions” early, and get my posts out on time at least!!!  Part of my problem has been my phone to take pictures with – the other part, I just simply am EXHAUSTED on so many levels right now!

So, that all said – I apologize for this post being a bit late – and hopefully next year (and the rest of this month) – you will see this on the 1st of each month, and more consistent posts for paper crafting!!!  Grab your planners, pen/pencil, paper, phone or tablet – whatever you love to organize yourself with – and lets get started!!!

  • Look at your calendar’s for the next 6 weeks – what events, parties, and things do you have you need to plan things out for?  Gifts you need to make for special people – last minute cards – birthdays (like me) this month?  Get it all on your list until the middle of January!!!!
  • Next look at the next 3 months – until the end of February!!!  What else do you have that you need to add to your list of things coming up such as birthdays – holidays – special events????  Get them on the list of things to get done!
  • Last, look at the next 6 months – until the end of May!  There are quite a few holidays coming up these months, things you might have to plan out – take the time to get them on your list of things to do, in order to make the time THEN – better!!!

Wow – when you really look at it, when you have a lot of “events” coming up, planning things out really IS the best way to handle things!  Yet when you are “challenged” time wise, this concept is not quite as easy as it sounds!  My planner out, and my thoughts in place….planning for my next 6 months begins!

  1. Birthday’s – 2 this month alone!
  2. Christmas – I have cards done, but that is just about it ;)!
  3. Intentions project for what I want to do better next year!
  4. Another birthday early February, why I had to have 3 children with birthdays so close to Christmas I have NO idea!
  5. Valentines Day!!!!!
  6. Easter!
  7. Mothers Day!

I have a lot of details I need to figure out – what supplies do I have for my “creations” and what do I need to purchase?  Everything in my planner – I can’t wait to get everything done, and things crossed off my list!  I hope you join me for the month, see you NEXT MONTH too!!!!

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Lynda Jeffs

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