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During my creative journey – I have learned to make my own cards, create scrapbooks, use paper for wonderful crafts, and for the past few years I have been on the Creative Paperclay Design Team!!!  I have learned a lot from our leader, and the team itself…and have decided to take what I have learned from these amazing people – and create a project from the heart!!!!  I hope you will join me in your own journey, and plans, and designing – while I am creating mine…..I am going to be making an angel/fairy garden, in honor of a few special people in my life that has passed on during my life!!!!

I have been thinking about this for the past few months in honor of my niece Stephanie, and simply want the project to be perfect, so it HAS TO BE PLANNED OUT!!!  I have Microsoft Office OneNote in order to keep my thoughts all together in one place with each and every detail – and have started to look at ideas on Pinterest that I am able to get more inspiration from as well!  I have started to add notes for things I want to do for the project, so I can keep everything in one place, and cross it off my list as I go!

This project will need to be made over time, and not just in one sitting!  This is a new concept for me – one I need to master!  I am anxious to get this started, and with my husbands artistic talents, well…I can’t wait to see what I end up with!  I have plenty of Creative Paperclay – a few bottles and things to start with, a weekend coming up, so CREATE I AM!  I will be sharing that in which I end up making over the next few weeks or so – to get ready for spring!!!!!!  I hope you will join me – the next few months to create your own “fairy garden” – whether a small project – a large project…join me!  Share with me what you are doing, and you might just get a free gift from me!  Send me finished pictures to memoriesintyme@gmail.com, with your permission to share the creation, and you might just get a free gift from me!!!

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