Terra’s Birthday Challenge (with a twist)

Yesterday was my daughters birthday – she was born in 1990, in fact…my first project, was her birth announcement I had made out of a Disney stamp and cardstock mailed to everyone after she was born(I lived out of state)!!!!  Here I am 27 years later STILL paper crafting – making my own scrapbooks, mini albums, cards, framed pages – everything!  So today, in honor of her birthday (yesterday, LOL we all know I am time challenged) today’s post is all about my wonderful daughter Terra!

This is one of my favorite photos (and layout below) of my daughter!!!!  The 3 men are all talking and chatting, I simply wanted a picture…  The story behind the photo is the funniest part – we were at the taffy store…..what is worse than a little boy trapped in a grown man’s body – is the grown man (little boy) has a debit card, and goes in the taffy shop, well………………$50 later, we had enough taffy to last us a month at least!  Terra was simply what I needed that day, as I am always around my 2 men, so not a lot of “female interaction”!  I think it’s time for another birthday – and another day at the taffy shop soon!!!

Terra has always been special – she just has that way about her…  The only girl that I had, my mom’s first daughter to have a daughter…so she is SPECIAL in so many ways!!!  This girl was the driving force in me changing so many things about myself – and making sure she had a LIFE – and not the one I was going to be giving her!   When she was 14, she went to California to live with her father, and has been with him since!  Most women think men can’t raise their children well enough, I am the perfect example THEY CAN!  Terra is very close to her dad, and for that I am very thankful!

So, in honor of her birthday – a few challenges for you (because we couldn’t have it any other way):

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 months, how many birthdays do you have – make at least that many….and a few more for your stash of cards!
  • Make a birthday organizer to keep a list of birthdays by month
  • Create a birthday layout or mini album to put birthday photos in (or to give away)

**For those that share the things they create based on the above challenges, must share their creations made with me by the end of December – and TERRA’S favorite item, will get a FREE GIFT from us!!!  Make sure you share the link here, on my Facebook fan page – or email it to me at memoriesintyme@gmail.com to be considered for winning!

I simply wish for her this next year – to know how much she is loved……how much she is appreciated……how much she is NEEDED…..and how much she means to me!  I am blessed and lucky to be her mom!!!  I hope my girl, you had a wonderful day – may this next year be simply AMAZING for you – and all your dreams come true!  I love you more than you will ever know!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

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