Merry Christmas To All

Christmas comes but once a year – I am not sure about you guys, but I wish the season would last a bit longer…  What I mean is this – people seem to be a bit more “kinder”, a bit more giving, a bit more loving – holding the doors open for people… things like that.  The rest of the year we are all about ourselves, than anyone else.  If people are struggling at Christmas time (or whatever holiday you support) – then they are going to struggle at Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers and Fathers day just as much as they do Christmas!

Like every year – this year just came too quickly.  It’s not about the gifts – it’s about the reason for the season…  My gifts to people this year are a bit differently – depending on who you are, but everyone will get a gift of SOMETHING!

For my amazing children Ryan, Terra and Casey – they will get THEIR MOM…………..and her time…………….and her love…… and her energy spent on THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!  They will see a card once a month – or a small gift sent to them, or simply money in order to survive!

For my husband – he will get me healing both physically and mentally!  He will get time spent with his wife in a positive manor, no more fighting and arguing.  WE will be spending our time in LOVE PEACE AND HAPPINESS not the BULLSH*T form the past we didn’t cause.

To the past – I simply wish for the truth and Karma.  Nothing more, nothing less!

Whether you celebrate the season, or another holiday – may each of us take our own little way of doing things, and be human beings for all people!   Each of us has our own journey in life, who are any of us to judge another person in life and their own personal journey!

Thanks for stopping by, Merry Christmas to all –

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

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