Happy Birthday Casey

Like everything I do, this post is a few days late!  This picture is of my three kids – a few years ago…but one of my favorite ones of all of them!  Casey is the one in front…..just turned 25, my oldest in the back and my daughter peeking at the top!!!  Having both Christmas and his birthday the very next day – well, frankly it sucks!  He was due closer to his older brother Ryan’s birthday in February, but instead, born 6 weeks early!  Ryan was already born early and had issues (more about that on his birthday), so we knew there could be issues with Casey!  I am thankful he didn’t, at least not when he was born!

This was done in 1999 – I have no clue if it was ON his birthday – or a day or two after, but at least he got to celebrate his birthday and get “birthday presents” along with a cake and everything!  My sister made sure when I had Terra (born 2 weeks to the day before Christmas, to keep the 2 events separate, and when Casey was born, this was just as much true!

Casey is a hard worker, a cook, plus owns his own little side business…just like his father!  I am lucky I have an ex-husband who truly loves his children – and did EVERYTHING he could to take care of them when he needed to the most!  I know how much I appreciate the things he sacrificed and did for them… how they were SO LOVED – and raised well in life!

Today, or this weekend rather… here are a few challenges for you:

  • Make at least 10 birthday cards to give away for next year
  • Make at least 10 birthday cards to donate to a non-profit organization/person of your choice (single mothers, fathers rights groups, a person in your circle that could use them)
  • Create a birthday layout or mini album or project of some sort – whether you keep it, or give it away

Happy birthday son, I hope you really had a wonderful day!  I hope this week has been amazing…and that you get all you want/need in life!  As I look back on my own ancestry – I can see what a strong line of people you came from…and am so honored to be your mom!  A fighter from day one – looks just like his dad, only with my personality!  A crack up when he wants to be, and man…I wouldn’t want to be around him when he’s mad…ESPECIALLY if he’s just like me!

I love you son, thanks for stopping by –

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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