Wow, I look at things even from a year ago, and look at things RIGHT NOW -such a huge change, and all of that hard work I have done in the past few years, starting to come to play!!!  That means, more changes for Memories in Tyme!!!!

  • Handmade items for sale – orders being taken now for Valentines Day cards/mini album!!!  Orders must be TO ME by the end of January FOR SHIPPING!  If you are local, we can talk further about payment and last day to get your orders to me!
  • Classes will be starting online hopefully by February, including FREE classes for you to check out when you want to!  Hopefully by March we will have a place to hold classes on Saturday’s, here locally!  This will include shopping trips, and full day events, along with basic classes!!!
  • Blog posts will be a bit of everything – wonderful products I simply LOVE to use, ideas for you to recreate, basic ideas for you to expand on, and challenges for sure!

I have been in a horrible rut for a long time, and I let a lot of things go to the wayside…  I will no longer let those in my past, be a part of my future, especially when they are not around me at all, nor do they see what I have actually accomplished.  That is going to change, I have a list right now of blog posts to get done – you will see AT LEAST one daily, if not a bit more for you to look through!  You will see updates when I get things made, if you simply have to have it – it’s yours (when payment is made of course)!

I am excited for my future, and can’t wait to see where I am at in a year from now!  This Christmas season creatively, simply has helped me KNOW what I want, and how to get there!  Thank you for your continued support for me and my little corner of the world!!!!  Let the creating begin!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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