Creatively Getting More Done

I am not sure how you guys are – I go from doing a LOT creatively – to doing almost nothing….I have so many plans, just not enough time or energy to GET THEM DONE!  The past week, I have been organizing my space, which is used for 4 different things, so it needs to be functional for everything!  I like so far what has been done, and can’t wait to find the key pieces for the space I am in, so I can get MORE DONE!

My list right now – includes both business related things I need to make, as well as my own personal items that needs to get done.  Sometimes – when the creativity isn’t there – I will go to my Pinterest page, and find the PERFECT inspiration for what I want to do – right now, I am working on Valentines Day items (it’s ALL ABOUT THE LOVE), and birthday cards – I seem to be going through a BUNCH of those right now, but rather those than sympathy cards if you know what I mean (wink, wink)!!!

I have the stuff out I want to create with, after organizing a bit more, this is my first time creating – will it work perfectly, or will I have to tweak things as I go?  Living in a small space, well – you do what you have to in order TO get more done!  Get something done you have been meaning to do – my list for the rest of the week – is birthday cards!!!

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