In The Past Few Days – Life Can Change On A Dime

When they say to you, life can change on a dime – I never thought it could change SO DRASTICALLY – as it has the past few weeks/month.  From reaching out to my sister, and finally having a relationship with her after 3 years (which is an AMAZING THING) down to having to put our beloved cat Tygress down……life for me is totally not what I had planned for this year, that’s for sure!

First my sister…we haven’t talked since my niece died…3 years ago, and because of attitudes (NO, NOT SISTER’S HAVING ATTITUDES), we stopped talking to each other just when we needed to KEEP talking to each other.  We haven’t had it easy as sisters, I am 5 years younger than this particular sister is – and I am “different” than she is…  After my niece died, Ally got some of her ashes.  End of the year, I spouted off like I do every so often, and this time…a package in the mail.  My niece’s ashes, Ally figured I would need them more than she would…..she has been by my side from that day since.  Ally knew I would need them for sure!

Next up, Ty…….Ty isn’t just a cat – she has been with us and us alone for 17+ years now – born in my family – and kept with us the whole time…  She is “special”…really special!  She has gotten both Del and I to heal as people, to love and love unconditionally and BE LOVED by something unconditionally – no matter if we were yelling that day, or getting along…she simply loved us THAT MUCH!  Friday – she must have had something happen to her which took her vision away, and made it so she simply can’t use her back legs at all, let alone her front legs!   We have carried her around all weekend, helped her go to the bathroom – helped her drink as she can…fed her treats and more treats and even more treats…  Today – we took her to go be with God…it was the hardest thing I have ever done.

I have never experienced as many emotions as I do right now – have probably never cried as much as I have RIGHT NOW.  You get that feeling you need to reach out ONE MORE TIME – and this time, the tune is totally different than before, and all the arguing, all the fighting….didn’t GO AWAY, but it sure changed…   You spend time talking instead of yelling…which is much needed – that’s for sure!

I am not sure when I will be around next – this latest bit of stuff in my life is a bit harder than I expected…  If you have a pet, hug them…  This girl healed my husband and I, she was SPECIAL…..  We love you Ty – may you go over that rainbow bridge my sweet amazing girl……

Thank you for your continued support,

Lynda Jeffs

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