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My journey this year, will be documented using Project Life!!!  We are at the end of week 4, and I have already had more go on than I really want to think about…yet I still want to document it all to preserve each and every detail, small AND large!  So how do you get started – without getting stressed out with everything ELSE you need to do both creatively and personally???  Well, first I found this post from Becky Higgins, what better way to get started really – with the person who developed Project Life in the first place!   Second – I use my planner now – A LOT, where I can document the little things -the dates, the times…then I can create a page or two with a synopses of  the week, or the moment, or the day!!

I might not do things the way everyone else does things, I usually find my own sense of style…and like normal, I will find my sense of style here!  I started with the post above, and had purchased a lot of stuff to get started with (before now), and finally organized everything in one place in order to get more done!  I have stamps I can use including letters and numbers…as well as a few other sayings and things I can use to make my own pocket embellishments and journaling cards!  I have wanted to start this project a long time – now…I am ready to document the rest of the year!

Challenges for the week –

  • Decide if you are going to go digitally (and print out as you go), or are you going to go paper and have keep creating as you go, having as many albums as you can fill out
  • Do at least 1 page, and try to get caught up to week 4 if you can!
  • Plan things out as to how you want things to look this year!

For me – the drama of loosing one of our cats, which really took the place of our kids and helped us to heal as people… well, that is part of the reason I want to document with Project Life this year!   Where we are at right now – and where we will be at the end of the year, with the feelings and details of each and every thing done!  What a wonderful concept!

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Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

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