Create SOMETHING Challenge

For a long time, I tried to stop with my dreams for Memories in Tyme…  I tried to focus my time and energy on “other things” that truly didn’t do me a bit of good honestly!  It stifled me creatively – and made me in to a “different person”.  Recently, I started creating again, for other people…those who truly appreciate it.  When you sit and create for the wrong people – you stop creating for everyone, including yourself!

My challenge for you all this year – is simply to CREATE!  Take the time to make your own cards, or scrapbooks, or framed pages……spend time with your friends and family in making SOMETHING!  We are going to be doing a ton of challenges this year, all designed to help you (ME) get more done each month!  Those challenges posted on the 1st of every month!  I will start to do a Project Life challenge – though I am not sure how often – it just depends on how much I get done ;)!

As I end the day today – and start a new week – here are a few challenges for the week for you to do:

  • Make 10 cards this week…doesn’t matter what themes you do, just create at LEAST 10 cards!
  • Valentines Day is coming up – look at designs you can make with supplies you have at home!
  • Look at your Christmas photos – and decide what you want to start to do with those!
  • Look at your past projects you have wanted to get done, and get at least one STARTED!
  • Find a quote you love, and do something with it – a magnet, a framed page – SOMETHING!

What a difference a year makes, and for that I am thankful!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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