Get Er’ Done Monthly Challenge

I’m not sure about you guys, but I can’t believe the month is already here…WOW!!!  I wanted to get so much done this past month, I started actually…..and then we lost our 17.5 year old cat, and the rest has been HISTORY!  So much I needed to do – and in the middle of it all – a schedule change at work!!!  Plus I just simply am having a hard time creating right now…too many fires in the pot shall we say!!!  Hopefully this next month will be a bit better for me TO get more done!  Lets get started in planning!

Some people use a planner, others a notebook, even others their phones or tablets!  Whatever you use to organize yourself with – use this time to get started in planning things out!  I am looking into something I can move from computer to tablet…so if any of you have any good apps or things I can use – PLEASE let me know!  Grab what you need, and lets get started!

  • Look at things for the next 6 weeks – until the middle of March!  What types of things do you have that you need to put on your calendar?  Do you have birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, events?  Get a list going if you don’t already have one going!
  • Next look at the next 3 months – this takes us until the end of April!  Anything else you have going on that you need added?
  • Last – look at the next 6 months – which brings us until the end of July!  What else do you have going on that you need to plan things out for?  Get THIS added as well!

For me, well…we will just leave it at I best get a few birthdays cards made to put in my stash, or quite a few people simply won’t be getting ANYTHING (which is the normal for me)!  This year – things are hopefully going to be different, with a bit of extra planning – and DOING IT – I can get anything done I put my mind to!!  Join me if you will – spend a bit of time in PLANNING with me!

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Lynda Jeffs

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